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The Great Technical Migration

How do you go about merging one client’s three separate, self-hosted WordPress sites into one installation? Before you answer – add in the fact that the client’s online presence includes e-commerce customers, hundreds of students participating in e-courses, and over a thousand blog subscribers.


  • Front End Development
  • CMS Implementation
  • Site Performance Optimization

With a complex and complicated large-scale migration like the merging of WYG’s three separate sites, where do you start?! The project entailed making the school the primary site with the most important goal to ensure that the process — from visiting the site, to registration and checkout, to participating in the class — was clean, seamless, and intuitive. The secondary goal was to ensure design consistency and that the aesthetic of the school was inviting and conducive for learning.

Working in partnership with Drio on the site redesign, Bmore Creative’s technical expertise addressed these two principal goals with an eye toward optimizing site performance by focusing on three main objectives for the client:

  1. Simplified information architecture
  2. A new, cohesive design, and
  3. Migrating the existing blog, school, and e-commerce store — all using WordPress — into one single installation without losing existing customer, subscriber or student data.

The final product, a redesigned and comprehensive website, provides a clean and intuitive user experience for both new and returning visitors, e-course registrants, participants and customers.  From the design-side the site’s new aesthetic establishes a pleasing and engaging learning environment. Similarly, with streamlined and simplified information architecture, the redesigned site is leaner and easier to navigate.

In following a carefully mapped out path forward, Bmore Creative accomplished the great migration. While you can read much more about the challenging step-by-step technical aspects, the moral of this story is that preparation, planning, testing, troubleshooting …and repeat… were all critical ingredients to the ultimate success.