FMC publishes their annual Sustainability Report to inform key stakeholders of the company’s progress towards meeting sustainability goals and targets. As part of a larger, coordinated campaign, the website is launched in tandem with the digital report and video promotion.


  • Front End Development
  • CMS Implementation

In contrast to past years, the design of the website was completely overhauled to distill complex environmental metrics into 3 simpler concepts:

  1. Innovative solutions
  2. Responsible use of their products
  3. Positive impacts on the communities where FMC employees live and work

To accomplish this, a streamlined information architecture was implemented, with consistent typography, use of color, and presentation of content.

With it’s smaller page count and new design, the website was a great candidate to try WordPress’s block editor for a production website. I was pleased with the results and even created my first custom block to display the accordions. Using the scaffolding provided by create-guten-block, it was a straightforward implementation that outputs the content as HTML5 <details> and <summary> elements and includes a <details> polyfill for IE11 support. As of this writing, the current version of the block editor distributed with WordPress 5.2 is sorely lacking a container block for nesting child blocks. I used a plugin to provide that functionality, and I am happy to read that WordPress 5.3 will introduce the “Group” block to address this need.

Bmore Creative, Inc. partnered with Waldinger Creative for the microsite.