Development Facilitators, Inc.

With over 35 years of diverse and extensive experience, Development Facilitators Inc. (DFI) was looking to refresh its brand identity and marketing materials while showcasing the firm’s breadth of services, projects and commitment to quality.

Bmore Creative Inc. created a new website, based on DFI’s re-branded logo and design, with a focus on responsiveness and enhanced user experience.


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design
  • Front End Development
  • CMS Implementation
  • Styleguide

As a consulting engineering firm with expertise ranging from construction management and land development to environmental and surveying services, DFI’s commitment to serving both the client and the community is reflected throughout a portfolio which features four major services and eighteen separate disciplines.

In line with DFI’s focus on responsiveness to the client’s needs, the website redesign process was truly an iterative collaboration. Bmore Creative was involved in every phase of the project, including requirements analysis and design prototyping. The result is a carefully tailored and sophisticated site built on customizations that organize the various DFI projects and streamline image management—ensuring the user always has a sense of where they are on the site.

Bmore Creative provided a style guide and documentation as well as a content management system that allows the site administrator to easily control and update content. The site is designed to be flexible and dynamic allowing DFI, as their portfolio continues to grow, to flag and highlight specific projects in the future.