Resolving GistPress loadHTML error

I use GistPress for embedding gists on this site. I prefer GistPress over the block editor’s built-in functionality of embedding a gist because GistPress does not use Javascript to embed. It also provides enhanced functionality such as limiting which lines to display and caching. After a recent update, I starting getting PHP warnings.

Event Espresso ConstantContact Integration

My client wanted to integrate Event Espresso with ConstantContact. Unfortunately, Event Espresso did not already have an add-on that provided this integration — they do have one for MailChimp, if that helps you. Credit to the developers of the MailChimp add-on, because I referenced some of their code in creating the ConstantContact integration.

The Petfinder Module – Version 3.3.0

Petfinder 3.3.0 introduced the Polaroid Effect option thanks to a recommendation from my good friend at GrimeyMedia. You can check it out on the demo page. Once the Polaroid Effect is enabled, a site administrator has the ability to set the maximum degree of rotation for each pet card. The range is between 1 and …