Styling Joomla’s Smart Search Results to Look Like AZDirectory Output

The AZDirectory module does not include a search feature. However, leveraging Joomla’s Smart Search capability and the flexibility of the AZDirectory module, a tailored search feature styled to look like the module’s output is possible with some careful configuration and a couple of component layout overrides.

Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 Migration: Lessons Learned

In migrating a website from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4, there were several gotchas that required modifications to the custom template I had built for a client. All told, the migration went reasonably well, with Joomla’s Pre-Update Check providing the majority of the guidance in terms of incompatible extensions. That said, below I detail some …

Joomla’s Email Protection Script in an AJAX Response

jQuery is great. In previous posts, I have written at length about my admiration for jQuery and how it helped lay the foundation for modern Javascript with it’s intuitive API. I was using jQuery for my AZDirectory module for things like event handlers and AJAX calls. I wanted to remove the jQuery dependency, and replacing …

The A-Z Directory Module – Version 5.3.5

Version 5.4.0 of the A-Z Directory module was a complete refactoring of the Javascript, eliminating the jQuery and Bootstrap dependencies. Most of the module Javascript dealt with AJAX calls, click events, and basic DOM manipulation. Converting these functions from jQuery to native Javascript was fairly straightforward. The functionality of displaying a modal if a user clicks on the contact name, and supporting the tabs and sliders within that modal, was where the real challenge lied.