The <wbr> tag is a nifty piece of markup introduced in HTML5, that specifies where in a text it would be okay to add a line-break. Unfortunately, Firefox on Macs do not support the <wbr> tag.

For the A-Z Directory module, I wanted a sensible and aesthetically pleasing approach to displaying contact images. Without knowing the width and height dimensions of the images people would be using for their contact images, I looked to the object-fit CSS property to avoid squashing and stretching the images. Object-fit has great support in modern browsers except for Edge.

I wanted to add a little spice to the hover states of my navigation and found a nice technique to animate a gradient, giving the impression that a background color will fill from left to right.

Working on an off-canvas navigation technique wherein the navigation would cover the entire viewport, I set overflow-y: scroll on the containing div. While this provided the ability to scroll down long navigation lists on touch devices, it was not a fluid interaction. This can be...