Bluehost Varnish Cache

A client had configured a job posting on their website which should’ve displayed the job title, posting date, closing date, and location in a table. However, a user visiting the site was presented with a “There are not any current job postings” message. After troubleshooting the issue myself and even creating a support ticket with the component author — who provided excellent support, but ultimately could not reproduce the issue — I did a live chat with the hosting provider, Bluehost.

The culprit was their Varnish HTTP Cache, which customers of Bluehost’s shared hosting plans have very little control over. Once the server cache was cleared, the display of the job posting worked as expected. For future reference, to disable Varnish HTTP Cache on Bluehost’s shared hosting plans, add the following line to your website’s HTACCESS file:

Header add "disablevcache" "true"