The A-Z Directory Module – Versions 3 & 4

My rule of thumb is to increment my version of the A-Z Directory module whenever I break backwards compatibility. For me, breaking backwards compatibility in Joomla means a change in the default layout of the module that would prevent the proper display of the module if a user is using a template override. This is something I try to avoid at all costs, but sometimes there are bug fixes and features that warrant these kinds of changes.

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Edge object-fit Fallback without a Polyfill or Modernizr

For the A-Z Directory module, I wanted a sensible and aesthetically pleasing approach to displaying contact images. Without knowing the width and height dimensions of the images people would be using for their contact images, I looked to the object-fit CSS property to avoid squashing and stretching the images. Object-fit has great support in modern browsers except for Edge.

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