Recently, I’ve been working to remove jQuery dependencies on personal projects. I outlined some of that effort with the refactoring of my A-Z Directory module. But I turned my attention to my site, which as you might have guessed, is a Joomla site which serves as my demonstration, documentation, and download repository for my three Joomla modules. I was using jQuery for some basic functionality, namely a scroll-to-top arrow in the site footer and a mobile navigation slideToggle animation.

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The A-Z Directory Module – Version 5.4.0

Version 5.4.0 of the A-Z Directory module was a complete refactoring of the Javascript, eliminating the jQuery and Bootstrap dependencies. Most of the module Javascript dealt with AJAX calls, click events, and basic DOM manipulation. Converting these functions from jQuery to native Javascript was fairly straightforward. The functionality of displaying a modal if a user clicks on the contact name, and supporting the tabs and sliders within that modal, was where the real challenge lied.

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